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Along with a superior supply chain management system, having our own production facilities helps us to maintain the highest quality control of our goods and a quicker delivery time, all at a lower cost.

Why Choose Us

Through extensive experience working with customers from all fields of industry and applications, we will provide you with the direct supervision and documents you need to comply with different accessibility, fire protection and essential health and safety regulations.

About Unity Shutters

Unity Shutters is a leading Singaporean producer of roller shutters and related products of high quality. For over 20 years, we have been making roller shutters in our factory and have an experienced team of installers. We have encountered many challenges in being one of the leading rolling shutter companies in the world. We are sure of meeting the requirements of our customers with over 20 years of experience in the manufacturing , installation and innovation of doors and shutters.

A main hallmark of Unity has been research and growth. We uphold our founder ‘s legacy of strongly believing in innovation and developing new products and technologies that comply with local laws and regulations, represent the changing times, the quests of customers for innovation , creativity, simplicity, and other practical considerations.

Our Shutters

For domestic, commercial and industrial applications, we deliver security shutter solutions. Based on budget, size and implementation, our technical department will recommend the most appropriate product. Fire shutters rated from 1 to 4 hours of resistance are also made.

Exceptional service has been the secret to our success and within a short period of time we can custom design roller garage doors, protection and fire shutters and deliver them anywhere.

Our Business

We have built a comprehensive network of business partners, contractors and suppliers over the years to ensure that our commitment to our customers’ value, timely delivery, quality and confidence is fulfilled. In our plants, both our doors and shutters are often entirely produced. For any new product, before installing them in-house, we carefully design and craft them. They are then tested and finally sold to our customers for robustness, protection, ease of use, efficiency. The self-production value enables workmanship quality control, adds customization versatility while providing our customers with cost flexibility at the same time.

We’ve trained a pool of experienced installers and staff over the years. In order to ensure that our installers and staff are well taken care of, we recognize the value of and exercise equal compensation. Our corporate model has always been to do our best, to evolve, to exercise fair play and to have honesty. We hope to achieve and sustain high quality and provide our customers with the best we can and continue to support them as best we can.

Professional Experience

Throughout our extensive experience working with customers from all fields of business and applications, we will provide you with the professional guidance and documents you need to comply with different accessibility, fire protection and overall health & safety regulations.

Training and R&D

We also invested extensively in engineering capital and training systems to ensure we have the capacity to provide the best services we have promised. Our people are encouraged to question existing processes and continually search for new, smarter ways to enhance every part of our business. This concerns how we work, the goods and technology that we use, and our approach to commerce.

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