Aluminium Roller Shutters

Aluminium Roller Shutters

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aluminium roller shutters

Lightweight, durable and versatile

About Aluminium Roller Shutters

Due to its aesthetic appearance and dynamic properties, our aluminium roller shutters are very common among our clients , making it one of the most versatile doors used in a wide range of applications.

Lightweight, strong and flexible, they are. Aluminium roller shutters are easier to operate due to their light weight, particularly if you open or close the shutters manually.

Aluminium shutters also provide a good corporate image for your company. For additional surface safety and a better viewpoint, they can also be powder coated with a chosen pigment.

Typically, aluminium roller shutters are placed at coffee shop entrances, food courts, shopping malls, factories , warehouses, hawker centers, food stalls, supermarkets, schools, parking lots, shophouses, landed houses, convenience stores, and other property types.

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Thanks to its natural anodised finish, aluminium roller shutters are also simple to maintain and will last a long time without rusting. They can also be modified to suit the size of the property and can also be motorised for ease of application. The type of motor used will depend on the weight and size of the roller shutters for the motorised version.

The lightweight aluminium rolling shutters are ideal for applications such as stores, garages, schools and other industrial and residential premises. They provide an easy to handle, solid but light façade that is particularly suitable for manual hand-pull operation.

Ease of operation

Aluminium is much lighter than its steel equivalents, making it the perfect option for consumers looking for a roller shutter door powered by a manual push up.

Powder coat finishes

To show the image of your brand and add a decorative feature to the internal and exterior of the building or shopfront, a wide range of colour choices are available.

Corrosion resistance

The natural corrosion resistance property of aluminium makes it the ideal door solution for damp environments such as the wet market, hawker centre and refuse centre.

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Design Specifications

The door can be controlled or motor-driven manually. For smaller openings, the manual push-up is suitable and does not require a power supply. In the event of power loss, the powered motor arrives with a manual over-ride hand chain for emergency activity. To allow natural air and light flow, the shutters can come with slotted holes or they can be completed with PVC inserts to allow items to be displayed inside the premises.

  • Extruded from T5 Aluminium
  • Specially built interlocking groove and machined end-lock for improved strength of holding
  • 3 mm thick heavy duty vertical connexions for excellent intensity of holding
  • To avoid lateral movement, high quality stainless steel cotter pins
  • Optional finish for anodised, fluorocarbon coated or powder coated finish
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