Fire-Rated Roller Shutters

Fire-Rated Roller Shutters

Industrial and commercial buildings

fire shutters

Safety by compartmentalisation

Fire-Rated Roller Shutters

In the event of fire detection, the fire-rated shutter automatically closes in order to effectively compartmentalise the fire and stop it from spreading through the house. It not only helps to safely evacuate individuals from the house, but also reduces the damage to the property.

Fire shutters are meant to be a fire protection function that automatically closes if the property senses fire. This shutter door prevents spread of fire outside the originating room, thus enhancing protection by fire compartmentalisation for the occupants of the building, and minimising repair costs by minimising fire damage to the surrounding rooms. Our shutters are stable, heat insulated, and fire resistant and comply with the necessary fire resistance ratings. It is sophisticated to get a fire shutter door mounted and needs extreme precision for optimum effectiveness.

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For industrial and commercial buildings, kitchens, warehouses and openings that need up to 4 hours of fire-rated steel shutters, fire shutters are particularly suited. CLF has been accredited to produce fire-rated shutters in a single panel up to a maximum dimension of up to 10000 mm width and 7000 mm height. A separate evaluation is needed beyond this period.

The Fire-rated Steel Rolling Shutter from CLF can be attached to the fire alarm panel where it is required to trigger the shutter through a DC24V (2A) signal to close it. An optional interface system is required to provide the DC24 V (2A) signal in the event that only a contact-free signal (0V) is generated.

In the event of fire, at controlled speed, the shutter’s brake release mechanism would bring the door down to a close through gravity. By means of a thermal fuse connexion triggered at a temperature of approximately 68 ° C, the brake is mechanically removed, ensuring that it still functions in the event of power failure. Alternatively, by connecting it to the central fire alarm system, the brake release can also be activated.

TUV approved

With Branz, New Zealand, rigorously tested and obtained up to 4 hours of fire classification safety. Our fire-rated shutter is licenced and accredited by the Fire Safety Bureau and TUV-SUB-PSB Singapore.


Our fire shutter is also equipped as a standard shutter door for everyday use to provide protection and access control, but not as a means of escape during fire emergencies.

Certified and Approved

When it comes to Singapore fire shutters, our specialists are highly trained and experienced and produce and instal only authorised and certified shutters. Our range of fire shutter items have undergone a Fire Safety Bureau review and are licensed for property use.

Customised Solution

The specifications for fire resistance and thermal insulation for fire shutters differ according to the intended application. When it comes to protection, our firm does not cut corners. Our fire shutters are designed not only to match, but also to exceed, for your peace of mind, the specifications set by the Singapore Civil Defence Force.

UV protection

On hot days, keep your car cool and prevent the exterior and interior from fading over time and rotting under the influence of the sun.

Remote automation

You will have the comfort and convenience of opening and closing your garage door from the inside of your car with a pocket remote control as usual.

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