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Emergency Roller Shutter Repair

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roller shutter repair

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About Emergency Repair

We have over 10 years of experience in servicing and repairing a number of roller shutters rated for fire, roller shutters rated for non-fire, industrial roller shutters, commercial roller shutters, fire and smoke curtains and others. We can also service retractable seating systems and restore them.

You can call us in to fix or replace the defective door if you have a failure or malfunction, even if it’s a third party product.

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Repair Services

Our expert technician will give you truthful, sound advice and several choices to help you make the right decision, including a completely detailed quote. Every step of the way, we’ll work with you to ensure we provide a satisfactory solution.

Within one working day of receipt of the call, we expect to deliver our technician to you. For instance, we want to have a technician with you in the afternoon if you call us in the morning. We plan to have the specialist with you the next day if you call us in the afternoon. However, if the breakdown or failure poses safety or safety concerns, we will send an engineer on the same day as soon as possible before or after office hours.

Our service vehicle fleet is fully equipped to repair most of the first-go calls if no replacement parts are required. If a complete repair can not be carried out, we will lock the door and, in most cases, conduct the repair to completion the next day.

Quick Response

On receiving emergency repair requests, we typically respond in one working day.

Fix All Problems

Our team of professional engineers is well-trained to solve any problems and provide practical advice that is useful.

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