Heavy Duty Roller Shutters

Heavy Duty Roller Shutters

Specialised industrial security doors

heavy duty roller shutters

Enhanced security

About Heavy Duty Roller Shutters

Vertical rolling shutters made of interlocked zincalume steel lath parts are heavy-duty non-fire quality roller shutters. In warehouses, factories, manufacturing units and loading areas with wide openings or strict safety demands, these shutters are more widely used. They can be motorised or operated manually and can be equipped with optional extras to provide, where appropriate, additional wind and rain protection.

Even in the harshest industrial climate, heavy duty roller shutters are designed to last, while providing optimum protection to keep your property secure and provide peace of mind.

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Commercial Partitions

With a fully enclosed configuration, the motor is adequately sized. The motor has a high starting torque, a built-in gear box and a heat protector built-in. The engine gearbox has an integrated centrifugal velocity regulator that ensures protection in the event of a free fall. An infinite hand chain is given for manual operation from the ground level in the case of power failure. To set the upper and lower limits for the movement of the curtain, adjustable limit switches are used.

Low maintenance

The durable construction of the door is made of high-performance steel that offers strong impact resistance and cutting equipment. Without the need for replacement, any minor damage can quickly be reworked and restored, saving costs and time.

Corrosion resistance

For additional protection against the exploitation of harsh climatic conditions and pollutants present in the environment caused by urban or industrial activity, galvanised and powder coat finishes are available.

Wind stress resistance

During extreme wind conditions, solid interlocking slats profile and strengthened side guide provide excellent resistance, reducing door motion and rattling noise.

Mode of operation

The door can be controlled or motor-driven manually. For smaller openings, the manual push-up is suitable and does not require a power supply. In the event of power loss, the powered motor arrives with a manual over-ride hand chain for urgent activity.

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Design Specifications

The shutter curtain, with thicknesses ranging from 0.8 mm to 1.2 mm, is made of 75 mm or 100 mm pitch and 17 mm wide superior single skin zincalume steel slats. These slats are manufactured and constructed of reinforced interlocking slat profiles via a roll forming process. To (end)lock the axial motion of the interlocked curtains, the edges of the slats are auto cut-off, providing optimum strength and integrity. Shutters can withstand a wind speed of 40 km / h for external applications, with wind locks as an optional reinforcement.

Side Guides

‘G’ shaped guides made of high duty 75 mm broad x 100 mm deep x 1.5 mm thick galvanised steel are used for exposed and facial fixing applications. 75 mm wide x 75 mm deep x 1.5 mm thick ‘U’ shaped galvanised steel guides are used for concealed guide use.

Bottom Bar

The roll made from zincalume steel is the leading slat with a thickness equal to that of the slat. Two galvanised steel angle bars, 38 mm x 38 mm x 3 mm or 50 mm x 50 mm x 5 mm thick, are fixed to the leading slat to form the lower bar. To provide the necessary weather resistance, the bottom bar can be supplied with an EPDM weather seal strip.

Shutter Box

The shutter box consists of two heavy-duty steel endplates, 4 mm to 7 mm thick, depending on the size of the shutter; joined together by means of five 50 mm x 25 mm hollow steel parts, finished in black primer. The end plates are welded to attach the shutter box to the building frame using two 50 mm x 50 mm x 4.5 mm thick steel angles with slotted sealing holes.


The barrel is constructed of a heavy duty seamless steel pipe, welded according to the shutter size with axles of 35 mm diameter to 50 mm diameter. With heavy duty sealed roller bearings, this barrel is mounted to the right and left endplates.

Box Cover

The shutter box covers are made of steel sheets of 0.8 mm thick zincalume, with the edges folded to provide stiffness.

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